BLESSER Serge Cabonge is not blessed this time!
He’s up in arms and demanding a full refund of R60 000 from Solbeth Protection and Risk Management owner, Siya Xulu.
Serge was allegedly made to look incompetent after he hosted dancer Lira Galore and Siya didn’t provide the security services Serge says he paid for.
I was referred to Siya andHe seemed legit when we first spoke over the phone. Initially, he charged me R8 400 for the security services, but I said I’ll pay him R60 000, based on the fact we were going to need 24-hour security services for Lira.
“I paid the cash in two instalments of R30 000 each,” Serge said.
He claimed a day before Lira was set to arrive in Joburg, he asked for a meeting with Siya and his three bodyguards to give them a proper brief – but they never showed up.
“The following day I went to Sandton thinking he’s going to show up, but he didn’t. I was forced to fetch Lira and her team at the airport and make emergency plans for bodyguards.”
Serge went on: “Even through all the drama I thought Siya was going to redeem himself and render the service I paid for.”
He said he was forced to serve Siya and his company with a letter of demand from his lawyers, and has opened a case of fraud at the Lyttelton police station.
“All I want is my money. Now I hear he wants to refund me only 30% and keep the 70% – as its his company’s policy. I’m shocked as he didn’t even do anything for me,” he said.
Serge’s lawyer Louis van der Merwe, said: “We’re going after this guy. We’ll recover what’s due to us at all cost.”
Siya said: “Our company policy stipulates there’s no refund if someone cancels the contract on the day of the event. I had already booked cars and paid for services when he cancelled, so I won’t refund him. He was impatient when my guys were late and on their way to the airport.
“They were stuck in traffic and were 30 minutes late. He cancelled on the spur of the moment and was acting out of anger. It’s not my problem if he couldn’t wait for my guys to get to him and his client (Lira Galore) at the airport.”
Police confirmed a case of fraud has been opened.
Source: dailysun