On Friday morning Gqom' artist,Babes Wodumo, was subjected to an onslaught of criticism on Twitter after she apparently could not answer a question related to South African Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, during a radio interview.

Twitter was up in arms lambasting Babes Wodumo for her poor knowledge of the Finance Minister.
However, their criticism was short lived when Babes Wodumo's fans defended her.

Numerous people even questioned whether Pravin even knows who Babes is, chances are he doesn't so we guess that makes things even right?

But then again, a browse of what's currently happening in current news wouldn't hurt any of us.

Babes, who has also been inducted by the public as our official national treasure has been receiving a lot of criticism from the public since her hit single Wololo burned up the dance floors.
Many have referred to her as basic or ratchet, but in numerous interviews, Babes has made it clear that such remarks have never phased her.
Image Credit: Facebook