Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate has received a slew of backlash following the comments he made about South Africa being "sold to the highest bidder and funders" in the wake of the current talks between the country's major political parties on coalitions.

Political parties are, at the moment, negotiating coalitions options for several major metropolitan areas, after the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), suffered its worst electoral performance, while opposition parties made gains in the recent 2016 municipal elections.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday morning, Arthur shared his concerns about, what appears to be the coalition talks, claiming that it breaks his heart that the country is being "sold to the highest bidder and funders."

This soon attracted copious amounts of backlash, with many Twitter users levelling strong accusations against the record label owner and producer, in addition to suggesting that he should just stick to making music .

Arthur has hardly been afraid of showing his support for the ANC in the past years. Speaking to Sunday World at the beginning of August, he admitted to being a staunch supporter for a long time.

"I grew up supporting the ANC, and it was a natural thing, even when I did my earlier songs like Kaffir. I never hid my allegiance because we grew up like that. Why should it be a problem now?" he said.
Source: timeslive