The basic education department confirmed on Tuesday night that yet another school in the troubled Limpopo town of Vuwani had been set alight intentionally.

In May, more than 20 schools were burnt by arsonists protesting against the Municipal Demarcation Board’s decision to integrate Vuwani with Malamulele.
The army was sent to the area on Wednesday last week for the elections, but by and large most residents failed to vote, in continued protest at the re-demarcation. Many school pupils will struggle to pass their exams this year as they have not been able to study for months.

Departmental spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga confirmed to news channel eNCA that this new school was set alight at around 8pm. There may be more schools affected, but for now they only knew of this one. It is the 24th school to be burnt. He said no one had been injured.
He said people had been intending to go back to school on Wednesday for the resumption of learning – he speculated that this was an act of intimidation against something positive “everyone was preparing for”.
He said he wanted to encourage all learners in Vuwani not to be intimidated and he knew they still had the support of most of the community. He condemned the arson and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.
The education department has repeatedly expressed its dismay at the fact that the community is taking out its frustration on schools, which have nothing to do with the politics involved.