Weza Solange first got introduced to the whole of Africa during Big Brother's amplified 6 season.
The Angolan beauty caught our attention with her exotic and captivating accent, not forgetting bold personality. 
Fast forward to 2016 and Weza still remains a household name within the local entertainment industry and with a new role on one of South Africa's most popular soapie, Weza still has a lot to offer the industry.
ZAlebs caught up with the actress/media personality to find out more about her role on Generations: The Legacy and her views about the South African entertainment industry.

Weza informed us that she interacts a lot with fellow actor Rapulana in her new role and has looked forward to working with Rapulana for a while.
"I interact mostly with Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau). I've known him for years and I've always wanted to work with him, so we have a lot of laughs on set."
She also explained how she was approached for the role.
"I received a call from Phumza Ralo, the casting director for Generations. She told me about the role and asked me to cast for it. The moment I received confirmation that I received the role my mother was the first person I told. She's the first person I tell whenever I have good news."
Weza has a large social media following, which opens her up to a lot of trolling we also asked her how she manages negative comments on social media:
"I simply don't address negative comments. There is constructive criticism which I humbly accept because it's meant to help me, but comments that are aimed at intentionally hurting me, I simply ignore & focus on good comments."

Weza also informed us that she's more than just an actress but a producer too.
"I'm actually a producer as well, last year I produced my first TV show. It's a lifestyle entertainment show called Acceso VIP. It aired on Jango Magic, DSTV channel 513.
Many people don't know about it because it was in Portuguese, specifically for the Angolan and Mozambican market. The show did incredibly well, and right now I'm preparing for my second production.
The actress also shared light on the Angolan entertainment industry in comparison to the South African one.
The entertainment industry in Angola has grown quite a lot and the Brazilian and SA industries are definitely a source of inspiration for many in Angola. It's growing at an incredible rate, therefore it's extremely fast paced and competitive but not as much as SA.

Lastly Weza spoke passionately on what she'd love to change about the local entertainment industry and why.
"I would say the quality vs quantity ratio. Nowadays almost everyone under the sun wants to be in the entertainment industry and that's understandable, but in my opinion quality of talent and professionalism must still prevail over quantity of people wanting to do it.
Also, be open to change and ideas. A lot of great ideas never make it out of the drawing board because "the bosses" are too afraid that the public may not like it, or that the public may not be ready for it. There should be less fear and more boldness happening, people would be actually surprised as to what the public is actually ready for."
Image Credit: Instagram/WezaSolange
Source: zalebs.com