Model-turned-TV personality Amber Rose is convinced most of the world would be shocked if she was to detail her sex life.
The 32-year-old star is a former stripper who is known for addressing topics of eroticism that would make many people blush, but when it comes to real-life lovemaking, Rose insists she isn’t very experimental.
“I’m very traditional,” she tells Refinery29. “Not like, missionary (position), (but guys) assume that I’m into threesomes and that I’m into kinky things, and I think all those things are really great if that’s what you’re into; it just has never been my thing, just personally… I’m not really that freaky.”
The ex-wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa adds, “People think that I’ve had threesomes. I’ve never had a threesome. I’m a very selfish lover; I like to be with one person and focus on that person. I’m an extreme lover… I don’t like casual sex. I’ve never had anal (sex). And I don’t play with toys. I wouldn’t say I’m lame, but I’m very traditional. I’m very open to talking about it and that’s not to say I would never do those things, but I just haven’t yet.”
The Amber Rose Show hostess has been publicly supportive of women throughout her career and in 2015 she launched her annual S**tWalk event in a bid to support other feminists in their fight for gender equality.
Amber, who is mum to three-year-old son Sebastian, feels it’s her duty to be open about her eroticism to promote ‘sex-positivity’, a term she defines as the act of “not judging people for their sexual preference” and “not frowning upon sexual acts”.
“When it comes to sex, women in general just get completely s**t-shamed for having sex in general, which is so weird if you think about it,” she explains. “Women get the s**tty end of the stick if we’re confident in our sexuality, and it really p**ses me off.”