The back-and-forth between rapper, AKA and the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema is far from over.

Kiernan Forbes has responded following the remarks made by Julius Malema about the ANC using ‘druggies’ to gunner support following its local government election campaign.
Addressing the media at the EFF press conference in Alex on Wednesday, Chief In Commnader Julius Malema lambasted the ruling party for using celebrities who take drugs to be head their recent campaign rallies.

“Those druggies have costed the ANC,” he said.
“They brought here, the druggies, artists – some of them who suffer from abuse of drugs – and made them faces of campaign[s],” Julius added.
Malema didn’t end there, further implicating ‘a drunkard minister’ in the ANC who when elections results were being announced “retwee[d] the druggie” in a premature victory lap.
“A drunkard minister retwee[d] the druggie,” Malema said.
While Juju mentioned no names, Twitter investigators insinuated that by “druggie” Malema was referring to AKA who’s always voiced his support for the ANC.
The SupaMega didn’t take it lying down, taking to Twitter to respond.