WHEN a 28-year-old mum arrived home on Thursday morning from a night of boozing, all she wanted was a good sleep.
But when she got home everyone was up and about.
She just threw herself on a couch and slept.
But her two-year-old baby girl couldn’t stop crying as she wanted her attention.
That pissed her off, so she grabbed the baby and started biting her randomly.
She bit her nose, left ear, upper lip and stomach.
The woman’s angry father (56) said he heard the little girl crying hysterically in her mother’s bedroom.
“I called her mother to calm her down but there was no response. When I went to check what was wrong, I found my grandchild covered in blood. I could not believe what I was seeing. My daughter’s face was also covered in blood and she had blacked-out,” he said.
The father said he was paralysed with shock.
“I know my daughter was drunk but she didn’t have to hurt the child. She could have walked away and left the child in our care like she always did. I am heartbroken by this. I fear that she was driven by satanic demons,” he said.
The woman’s mum (57) said her daughter told her the baby wouldn’t stop crying.
“She was crying because she was hungry and her nappy had to be changed, but my daughter wanted to sleep because she was wasted.
“There is no excuse for her actions,” the mum said.
“I hope she will think hard while in ­police custody about what she did.”
The woman appeared at the Mbibane Magistrates Court in Vaalbank last week and was released on warning.
She will appear again today.