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Zee World - Silver Lining Weekly Teasers March 2017

Zee World Weekly Highlights - March 2017

Sunday 05 March 2017

'S2/E35 - 2/35'. Everyone goes frantic trying to find Isha. Ira decides to help Revati hide Isha's body to save herself. Ira and Revati try to sneak out Isha's body from the house.

'S2/E36 - 2/36'. The search for Isha still continues. Devki suspects that Revati has kidnapped Isha. Revati frames Shravan for kidnapping Isha. Revati and Ira finally get rid of Isha's body.

'S2/E37 - 2/37'. Everyone arrives at the crash scene, but the body is burnt beyond recognition. Samarth refuses to believe that Isha is dead. Revati starts being paranoid and removes Isha's photos.

'S2/E38 - 2/38'. Ira finally confesses her feelings for Isha. Revati cannot speak while giving her eulogy at Isha's funeral. Isha's ghost returns to haunt Revati.

'S2/E39 - 2/39'. The last ritual is underway and Revati continues seeing Isha's ghost. The truth about all the incidents that have been happening in the house are revealed.

'S2/E40 - 2/40'. The family continues messing with Revati about the ghost. Shravan gives Ira something that she will cherish. Ira gets attacked and gets saved by someone she doesn't expect.

Sunday 12 March 2017

'S2/E41 - 2/41'. Shravan and Ira continue getting close to each other. Ira decides to get married to Samarth after being convinced by Revati.

'S2/E42 - 2/42'. Shravan realises that he is in love with Ira. Ira tells Shravan that she wants a divorce because she wants to marry someone else.

'S2/E43 - 2/43'. Ira wears a sari that Shravan gives her for the engagement ceremony. Ira and Sam's engagement doesn't go as planned. Revati finally confronts 'Isha's ghost'.

'S2/E44 - 2/44'. It's Ira's henna ceremony, but she's not happy at all. Shravan has a prospective bride and Ira is determined to dissuade her from accepting him.

'S2/E45 - 2/45'. Shravan continues to make Ira jealous by talking about his bride to be. Isha shares very good news with Samarth. It's Shravan's engagement, but Ira hides the ring.

'S2/E46 - 2/46'. Isha speaks to Ira, but under pretence. Revati believes that Isha is still alive and is determined to find her. Ira tries to stop the wedding, but will she make it in time? Ira sees Isha.

Sunday 19 March 2017

'S2/E47 - 2/47'. Ira refuses to carry on with the wedding and Revati threatens her life. Revati confesses to her past in front of her family.

'S2/E48 - 2/48'. Revati escapes from prison and kidnaps the little boy. Isha and Ira finally have a happy ending by seeing a long lost face.

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Silver Lining
Silver Lining a story of two orphan sisters Isha and Ira. The siblings are separated by circumstances and reunites by destiny later in life. Isha joins a radio station with the intention of finding her sister. Ira on the other hand grows up to be a rich spoilt brat. Angry with her past she erases all memories of her childhood. Unaware of their shared past, the duo meets and become best friends. Isha is placed in another dilemma when she discovers they both are in love with the same childhood friend, Sam. Will Isha sacrifice her love for her sister?

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