Why? MoFaya to launch in UK but still not in South African shelves. Is this Rainbow nation Mandela was talking about, I have checked MoFaya at Woolworths, Shoprite, Pick'n Pay, Engen, Shell,and even Spar & nothing available.

Retail giants are set not to be bothered by Mofaya and refusing to stock the energy drink from their shelves. 

"DJ Sbu has actively promoted his energy drink but retailers seem not to be bothered,he approached pick n pay, spar and shoprite but they all have delayed the process, Celebrities must not think getting retweets on twitter will equate sales not everyone in SA has twitter"

DJ Sbu however has not thrown the towel as he's now approach small township supermarket to stock his drink and soon he will tell everyone where to buy MOFAYA now going to UK .