AKA and Bonang have been doing extremely well at their relationship, even though it was started in a way that a lot of people were infuriated by, they have done a good job at playing it cool and creating a better perception about their relationship.

We haven’t had anything bad to say about them ever since, but how could we – they’ve literally flooded all media platforms with positive imagery of their relationship, which was necessary especially because of the foundation of their relationship.

But besides them playing it cool, maybe they’ve had to over-expose us with imagery so we can forget about what actually happened. As much as this was a good thing and it worked, they haven’t had a break from the media as a result – Any relationship would feel the pressure. I guess this is why AKA and Bonang both deleted pictures of each off their instagrams.

I thought this would mean they’re broken up. but Bonang posted a picture of them together this morning. hmm… wonder what’s going on.
Source: thebaddest