This materialistic old timer had a bizarre last wish.
He asked to be buried with his beloved car. The funeral was attended by his friends and family, while others were just there to witness the unusual funeral ceremony. Attendants at the send off were seen taking pictures and videos with their cellphones during the ceremony.
The footage, which is displayed below, is said to show the burial of the car owner by the name of Lonnie, who really loved his wheels.
The car was used in place of a coffin and a crane lifted it to move it to the right spot for burial.
According to the local media, the man was reportedly fond of his vehicle. And everyone in the neighborhood knew just how much he loved his wheels.
Other residents in the neighborhood came out strongly slamming the elderly man saying that it was selfish of him to request to be buried in the car, “He had children and grandchildren and they could have really put that car to good use”, said one resident.
“That old man was just bitter and never liked sharing, I am sure if it was possible he would have requested to be buried with his house”, said his nephew.