Singer, actress and producer Tumi Masemola is doing just fine. After some reports in the media on Tumi’s alleged marital woes, DRUM sat down with the star to discuss music, love, family and more.
So Tumi, late last year, your comeback single Suga Free featuring Nadia Nakai as a solo artist did very well. Tell us about that song?
Suga Free is a song that celebrates independent woman, who don’t need a blesser to provide for them. In  today’s society there is a tendency, for especially woman to get caught up in material things, thats the trend that has led to blessers and blessees. So Suga Free is about saying there are many woman who are doing it for themselves and we celebrate that.
What’s happening with your TV career? We haven’t seen you in  a while?
I have decided to take a seat back from acting and focus on my first love, which is singing. I am a singer who can act, not the other way round, so now I am back as a solo artist as just Tumi from The Gang.
You have a new song Bae with Kwetsa, quite a fun catchy track…
Yes, I love that song, its a really fun song that’s a turn up jam for the dance floor.
How was it like working with Kwetsa?
It was interesting. He is a very talented guy who is also very cool. We had a great time in studio recording the song.
Before your single came out, you had been quiet for a while. What were you up to?
I was focusing on making babies and growing my family. I was also taking care of things as a wife and mother at home. Now I am back as a working mom.
Speaking of family… How is that going?
Things are going well. We are good, healthy and happy.
A thing most working moms go through is the juggling act. How are you doing yours?
I have a great team. Its very important when one is building their dreams to surround one’s self with the type of people who can support you and help you work throughout your life roles seamlessly.
You and your husband own Black Brain Pictures, a production company, how was the transition from being just an actress to now being the ones creating the shows?
For us it came after we had a lot of nos from auditions, that’s when we decided to write City Sesla and that’s pretty much how the company was born. The transition was challenging because as a creative person I didn’t have much knowledge on the business side of things, so we had to learn fast and on the go.
So you have said you rely a lot on mentorship in life? 
Yes, for everything in my life I have a mentor. From my work, as a mom, a wife and a business woman, I have people who have walked the same road and are more experienced to help me. That’s why I have managed to have growth and success in those areas in my life.