TV PRESENTER Thembisa Mdoda is caught up in yet another controversy.
The Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) presenter has been labelled a “cheat” for not crediting her stylist.
This follows allegations that she keeps crediting her friend and owner of fashion line Dainty Frock, Nqobile Tshalata, instead of Tshidi Molubi.
“Thembisa has been doing interviews and crediting her OPW looks and great styling efforts to Dainty Frock. This is wrong because the stylist, Tshidi, sources clothes from everyone and gets Thembisa different looks every week.
“For her not to credit her is unprofessional,” claimed one source.
Another source said it’s wrong of Thembisa to make SA believe it’s her friend who does the hard work.
“It’s wrong for celebs to act like they ‘woke up like this’, instead of giving credit to the team behind their stunning looks,” said the source.
The source said Tshidi is hired by Connect TV as a stylist to take care of Thembisa among other people.
And this should be sorted out immediately by the powers that be. It’s sad that the creative industry in this country has no structure, and celebs do as they please, knowing nothing will happen to them,” said the second source.
Thembisa joined the wedding show after Tumi Morake’s successful run.
Recently she was also embroiled in a dirty paternity spat with her ex, actor Atandwa Kani.
Both have since moved on, with Atandwa having married actress Fikile Mthwalo.
Tshidi said: “I can’t comment on this matter as I’m yet to meet her (Thembisa) and deal with this matter the right way. I also need to consult the producer and see how we can move forward and continue to work for the good of the show.”
Connect TV producer, Nthabiseng Mokoena, said: “I don’t want to get involved in this. I’m not running the said show. Why are you even asking me, and besides, who told you this? Well, I’m not interested in this, thank you.”
Neither Thembisa nor Nqobile could be reached for comment. They also failed to respond to our SMSes at the time going to print.
Sourece: dailysun