Starting from the 2008 Democratic National Party convention when we first got to see Barack Obama's daughters Malia Ann Obama, and Sasha Obama, it was clear that they had an element of grace and style within them. With their dad set to bow out of office at the year end, we go back in time to see how America's number one daughters have evolved into the beauties they are now.

1. 2008 Democratic Party National Convention.

                              At the event that marked the beginning of  Obama's political journey,

2. 2009:  Obama's First Inauguration as U.S President

                     At the inauguration of Barack Obama as the president of the U.S in 2009

3. 2011: Annual Washington Christmas 

                                          At the 30th annual Christmas concert in Washington

4. 2013: Obama's Second Inauguration as U.S President

This was four years after Barack Obama became the first Black President of the U.S and his two daughters entered the inaugural ceremony in complementary purple coats. Malia wore J.Crew while Sasha opted for Kate Spade. 

5. 2013:  Easter Sunday service

                         During the Obama family's  Easter Sunday celebration service in 2013.

2014: Family Visit to the President of China. 

Malia wore a versatile, two-piece outfit when she alongside her mum and kid sister Sasha visited President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in China.

7. 2015: Arriving in Italy with Mum, Michelle.

                                  Arriving in Milan, Italy in June 2015 with their mother.

8. 2015/2016 onwards