Members of the Mandela family have called on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to take action against the Democratic Alliance (DA) for using former President Nelson Mandela’s voice in an election advert, which it describes as a gross violation of the electoral code.

The members released a statement under the banner of the Royal House of Mandela saying that they are disgusted by what they call the abuse of Madiba’s voice for its electoral purposes in a YouTube video.

The Royal House of Mandela said that the DA should have the honesty to use the voices of former leaders like Tony Leon and Helen Zille.
Watch: DA election ad
The family said that these former DA leaders "gathered the laager of white privilege since 1994" and should be used for the party’s election campaigns instead of Madiba.

They say the DA is desperate to dupe the voters and strongly condemns it.

The party has not yet been available for comment but has in the past defended references to Mandela.
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