The actress was attacked on Twitter after Destiny magazine revealed that she would be buying 67-copies of her cover and donating them to disadvantaged girls.

The initiative was in honour of #MandelaDay and she hoped her story in the magazine would inspire women.

The publication already had a similar initiative running, and Terry decided to donate copies out of her own pocket.

But Twitter users were less than impressed with the move.
They attacked her gesture, saying it was an insult to poor people.
Here's what some of them had to say.
Terry's heart was clearly in the right place, and all she wanted to do was give young women access to inspiring content that could help change their lives.
She told the Sowetan that she was baffled by the response she got, as she only wanted disadvantaged girls and women to realise that if she could achieve her dreams, so could they.
"Through my story they will get to understand that growing up in a disadvantaged background does not stop you from dreaming," she said.

Terry also took to Instagram on Monday to talk about her her journey from poverty to super stardom.
"I hail from the dusty neighborhoods of Evaton, two roomed shack, rough jagged unprotected, no concrete streets. No running water and no lights. I felt the cold, and endured the brutal ache of being A-HAVE NOT. I am that girl, that shoeless zealot who dared to dream. I am that girl who could not and did not let the poverty I was born into make my heart sick," she captioned a throwback picture of herself on Monday.