ACTRESS Sonia Mbele just lost a role!
Sources claimed she was booted from an upcoming movie titled Shaka Zulu. This after a heated argument with the creator, director and producer, Themba Ndaba.
Themba owns Teddy Bear Pictures.
Sources claimed the former Generationsactress was originally cast to play Queen Nandi (Shaka Zulu’s mum) in the locally-produced movie which is still in pre-production.
“But she was shown the door before it even came to life,” said a source.
Another source said Sonia’s been replaced by opera singer and actress, Khumbuzile Dlamini.
The movie is to hit our cinemas next year and shooting starts next month.
According to sources, she counted her eggs before they hatched. Sonia and Themba had a fight and it’s alleged that was the end of her role.
“Sonia was fired because she had a fight with Themba and wanted shares in the movie. She wanted Themba to sign over his movie rights to her. WIt was clear she wanted to take over the show and hen Themba refused, she lost it,” the source said.
Another source claimed: “Sonia also got a sponsor for the production and wanted to take over the show. While she was part of the team she was rude to everyone.”
A source close to Themba said Sonia sold her old car to Themba and they had an agreement, but when she was shown the door she demanded the car back.
“When Sonia saw she wasn’t going to win, she called the cops on Themba and demanded her car back although he paid for it. Themba gave her the car back, which is unfair as he paid for it,but now he has a better car,” said the source.
Themba said: “Sonia and I had an argument. We’re are not working together but we’re okay. I had to recast her. She wasn’t what we wanted so she wouldn’t have fitted the description.We needed someone who had authority and is traditional and I got in Khumbuzile Dlamini.” He said Shaka will be played by Isibaya actor, Andile Gumbi, and they would be casting more people.
When the SunTeam contacted Sonia she said: I was never casted to play Queen Nandi. I am however involved behind the scenes as executive producer and writer.”
Khumbuzile Dlamini could not be reached for comment.
Source: dailysun