The joke was on funnyman Skhumba when he took to the hot seat on Zaziwa recently.

Producers of the weekly reality show played a hilarious prank on the comedian‚ which caused a social media frenzy.
During Skhumba’s interview with host Pearl Modiadie‚ an unknown woman marched onto set claiming that Skhumba is the father of her child and accused him of not paying papgeld.
Poor Skhumba didn’t know how to react but surprisingly remained calm until Pearl told him that it was all a prank.
For a split second some social media users believed that Skhumba’s dirty laundry was being aired on national television‚ but this was quickly corrected when everyone burst into laughter.
Within minutes Skhumba and Zaziwa climbed up the Twitter trends list as fans rushed to the social media platform to share their opinions on the prank