She certainly didn’t expect such a reaction from internet users! A resident of the Philippines, Jen Ampler is very connected with her old and ailing grandmother. Inang is nearly a hundred years old and can’t move on her own. The girl takes care of her, gives her meals and helps her bathe.
She’s not ashamed of her grandmother. She proudly shows her pictures on Facebook and says how much she owes to her grandma and how thankful she is.
Inang, you’ve cherished me ever since I was born. Now, when I bathe and feed you, I cannot help but cry, because I remember you doing the same for me when I was little. You’re already 98 years old, so now I’m returning the favor.
Some time ago I asked you to get up and try to walk. You said that you can’t.
I will always be grateful that you never left us. Me, my siblings and my mother.
We love you and we ask you to be strong. We will always take care of you. Although you’re not able walk and bathe by yourself, we are your arms and your legs. No matter what we do for you, we will never be able to repay the debt that we owe you.
We love you Inang.
It didn’t take long for internet users to start posting what they felt. The girl received a lot of warm words from complete strangers. Almost all appreciated her dedication and unselfish willingness to help. The touching post was shared more than 35,000 times! If it had moved you, share it with your friends!