Sfiso Ncwane and his wife, Ayanda, reveal the secrets to keeping their nine-year marriage fresh and exciting – and there’s a new album and anniversary party on the way

We follow the music all the way up to a penthouse in Sandton and find the artist sitting in his living room, playing Kulungile Baba at his digital piano. The renowned gospel star is the picture of concentration as he plays with chord progressions on the keyboard. He seems oblivious to everything that’s going on around him.

“I play by ear,” Sfiso Ncwane (37) admits when we get his attention. “I can’t read music to save my life. Without any formal training, I borrow from a lot of cats. I pick up stuff here and there.

“I find it easy to navigate in the keys of F sharp, A flat, C sharp, and E flat. I’m a minimalist. Although I appreciate the beauty of giant chords, I try to keep my progressions simple.”

Sfiso says he’s a fan of Joyous Celebration’s Siphiwe “MagicHands” Ngcobo, as well players such as Bheki “Bhazonke” Mthembu and Xoli Thabethe.

But we aren’t really here to talk about music. It is the eve of his ninth wedding anniversary to his gorgeous wife, Ayanda (32), and we’re keen to know more about their life together.