Recently married model Sarah Langa-Heaton has dismissed a strong public view that she’s a trophy wife.
Since hooking up with her now hubby, Sarah has been living the life of globetrotting and recently held a lavish wedding to Jehan Mackay, which led to the public believing that all she does is travel, wines and dines, goes on shopping sprees and be her husband’s accessory.
“I’ve been busy working behind-the-scenes on launching a fashion website. It will go live soon. This will be launched together with an e-commerce app to capitalise on the online buzzing and growing buying and selling shopping space. I also have other jobs as I’m a working woman.  I have a chat with my husband when I get new opportunities and I don’t always take what’s offered,” she said dismissing the claims that she’s a ‘trophy wife’.
She said the website is almost done, she’s just waiting to finalise a few things before going live.
She is currently the ambassador of a watch and clothing brand.
Sarah was dating rapper K.O before she moved on to date and get married to her husband.