Riky Rick Sidlukotini is great song with terrible video, Insult, not original, blurry can't even see uKotini 

I respect  Riky Rick for the great song Sidlu Kotini , but was very disappoint when I saw the official music video. Maybe he was running at low budget, he spent most of his money buying that FAKE jacket he is wearing I can't even identify. The whole video looks like it was taken from a tablet and edited by a Grade R learner. This boy is not serious to bring such an insult to the public domain.  

I was expecting something original with flashing of fashion shows that the boy is real know Indwangu / kotini but I witness the opposite on the video. He just did a copy &  paste of SAMAs performance. I was becoming  honest, sorry I am not against you. If you respect your fans please do version 2 for the love of the fans. 

See below some of the comments from Youtube       

katlego lance dhlula Sidlukotini my sa track of the moment l dnt know may be l expected the most in terms of the music video coz l respect your art "you dnt do music videos you do art" but here there was nothing to show for l dnt get the story line u jst performing infront of an audience. it would have been a good video if it was priddy ugly bt for boss zonke its jst below average
Mvuzo MthimkhuluAwwu!! for a song that talks about high fashion (Kotini) but only has 1 or maybe 2 sets with the same outfit through out, I must say that was rather disappointing. i love this song and expected a lot more from the video, especially in the style department. This video is LAZY
Phyllis ZondiNAAAAAAAH This video did not hit the nail on the head. Ever since NAFUKWA Riky has set the bar when it came to doing videos but this video seemed too simple and rushed...I was expecting a lil bit more from Riky and Kyle Lewis...Please re-shoot, its not the end of the world. Kanye does it all the time.