Known for her role as Niki Bongco on Rhythm City, Nolo Phiri not only sees herself as an actress but also as a well-rounded entrepreneur who has her eyes set on the fashion world.
From the start of 2015, we watched Nolo take a keen interest in fashion as she endorsed outfits from a design label called Apples and Oranges.
In an interview with ZAlebs, Nolo explained the relationship between her and the clothing label and where her sudden interest in fashion came from.
 “I had an opportunity to work in fashion when I was endorsed by Rage Clothing, but at the time I never took it further because it was more of an opportunity than an interest. So my interest began in my collaboration with a young designer by the name of Abongile. She is the owner and designer of Apples & Oranges, so it’s her label.
She dressed me for one or two events last year and we had a really great synergy and relationship so we decided to take it further by designing my clothing line and that’s whereApples & Oranges for Nolo Phiri came about. “
Nolo explained that her venture into fashion was to expand her brand beyond acting.
“The reason why I’m doing this is because for six years I’ve been on one particular show, you sit on your brand, people know you, you’re in people’s homes every day. You either wait for big brands to either approach you for a clothing line or you create your own opportunity and that’s what I decided to do.
I wanted to use my influence, to do something a bit more meaningful. So here’s a young designer who is working hard at penetrating the fashion industry and I just thought by partnering with her, using my influence and using her creativity, we’re both empowering each other. I’m empowering her creativity and empowering myself by diversifying my brand.”
Power to you, Nolo!
Image Credit: Instagram
Source: zalebs