Veteran actor Jamie Bartlett has described his experience as the new judge of SA's Got Talent as "nerving" as it was not like playing a cinema, theatre or television character.

The talent search competition returns to for season 7 on September 4, with more incredible, hilarious as well as despicable performances encompassing mainly music, vocal ability and slick dancing moves.
"At times it felt like I was naked," said Bartlett, who turned 50 last week.
"It's unlike television or cameras rolling, being a judge of such a show involves emotions, at times I cried. To sum it up I was unmasked, all because it's quite different from portraying a character."
He said on the first day he made a mistake, instead of pushing the green button to give the nod for a contestant to go through, he pressed the red one.
"I had to quickly correct the blunder, pretended as though I was teasing the contestant, but with the help of my fellow judges Shado (Twala) and DJ Fresh, the mistake was gone in a second.
"They lent a helping hand and guided me out of the rather sticky situation. The audience laughed, enjoying the moment."
Bartlett of Isidingo and Rhythm City fame, said if unsure whether to dismiss or let a contestant through, his co-judges "let him know what temperature a particular act is at".
"I'm grateful for support all the way, this is totally new to me. I know Shado for more than 30 years. We've had good laughs and sad moments on the show, especially backstage."
He said new host, comedian Tol A$$ Mo, had been hysterically funny both on camera and off show.
The battle-scarred entertainer confessed that he was hooked to the theatre stage more than television.
"Every year I take time off from Rhythm City to do theatre.
"I come from a classical theatre background, worked with John Kani and the late Ramolao Makhene, among others. I've worked with stars, including Oscar winners such as Angelina Jolie and Idris Alba."
Bartlett returned to Rhythm City on Tuesday after a few months on a work-related tour to Germany.