South African DJ and producer Prince Kaybee has found himself in hot water after failing to pitch for a live performance.
Kaybee was set to perform at an event called ‘The Heavyweights’ held at Carnival City in Ekurhuleni this past weekend.
The event’s organizer, Richard M Ramudzuli, said that Kaybee’s manager, Tuxedo, started making excuses an hour before the ‘Better Days’ hit maker was set to perform.
Ramudzuli told the Sunday Sun that Tuxedo contacted him before the show saying, “I received an SMS an hour before Prince Kaybee’s scheduled time, from his manager, asking me what time he’s playing. I replied ‘5.20pm’”.
Now dealing with the aftermath, Ramudzuli says his reputation is damaged and fans have lost faith in his event. He claims that Kaybee was given an advance and that Kaybee and his manager have been dodging his requests for a refund. “It’s frustrating knowing your brand has been dented by an artist. My lawyers will serve Prince Kaybee with a letter of demand,” the event organizer told the local publication.
Kaybee has since responded to Ramudzuli saying, “I don’t think what happened is anyone’s business. I’ll refund that guy, sharp”