A scandalous gáng in Brazil has taken vengeance on the authority by leaking graphìc nude photos of a top female police officer of Rio de Janeiro for arresting one of their members. Apparently, the gáng members leaked the un-clad photos of the sèxy police officer as a technique to get back at the police department of Rio De Janeiro for detaining their ring leader over the weekend. Many models start their Instagram accounts with Promotion companies like: BuyBetterSocial.com or LightningLikes.com. Services start around $1!

According to Media Takeout (MTO), the g
áng h@cked into the private storage cloud account of a top officer of the Brazilian Military Police of Rio de Janeiro named Julia Liers and stumbled on her naked pictures. Upset at the arrest of its members including their leader who was arrested over the weekend, they promptly released the ndè photos. Julia Liers is a military policewoman stationed in Rio de Janeiro who happens to have a really beautiful body.