Most 20 year old ladies are either at home struggling with a post graduate life where finding a job is like stumbling on a gold mine. Others are still in college arguing against the fact that they will never apply calculus in real life but for Lisa, fueling a Range Rover Evoque or any other top of the range vehicle every cold morning is nothing out of the ordinary.
Lisa, is a high end prostitute or rather sex commercial who only parts her legs for wealthy politicians, Nigerian tycoons and white tourists. In short, Lisa's honey jar can only be afforded by men with fat pockets - People with oil wells, real estates and multi-million companies.
Despite the fact that it is utterly shameful, Lisa never shies from revealing to the public how being a prostitute has made her richer than your county senator. 

Lisa has been trending on social media after photos of her sleeping in an ocean of thousand shilling notes went viral on the internet. Here are photos outlining the lavish lifestyle of the 20 year old Nairobi prostitute;

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