Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa spotted at a concert recently in Durban.  ~ Jabulani Langa

WHO says a girl can’t buy herself a ring? Pearl Thusi’s apparently done just that. 
BUT HER LOVER’S FRIENDS ARE SHOCKED! The radio and TV presenter has allegedly bought herself a shiner. 
Sunday Sun understands the ring on Pearl’s wedding finger is a gift – not from her celebrity boyfriend Robert Marawa, but from herself.
Sources close to Robert claimed they’re disgusted Pearl would stoop as low as buying herself a ring claiming she’s engaged to the sports presenter.
They also wondered why Robert would buy such a small little thing. “We thought a pretty girl like that deserves a huge ring,” said a source.
“We don’t understand why such a pretty girl would buy herself a ring,” the source said.
The sources added Robert told them he’s not ready to commit to Pearl, although he’s very much in love with her.
Sunday Sun recently reported Pearl and Robert were seen cosying it up at a concert in Durban, but the relationship hasn’t been confirmed publicly.
“Robert is a private person. He doesn’t like his business all over the news and Pearl is aware of that,” said the source.
The source said they asked Robert about the engagement when they heard the news.
“We asked him why he hasn’t told his friends. He told us she bought herself the ring, perhaps to create hype for her brand or to chase other guys away,” the source claimed.
The source added: “It screams desperation. She’s too hot to be doing that.”
The source said Robert told Pearl to keep their affair hush-hush. Another source claimed Robert does this to all his girls.
“He used to date a doctor and told her not to talk about their relationship. She was excited and told her friends,” said the source. He operates under cover,” the source said. 
Pearl is currently in New York eight months for a movie shoot. She was not available for comment.
But yesterday when asked about the ring on Phat Joe’s Metro FM show, Pearl said: “I won’t deny or confirm that I’m engaged. It’s nobody’s business. All I can say is I’m in love with a tall, handsome man who knows a lot about sports.”
Yesterday when Robert was asked about buying Pearl the ring and about the so-called engagement, he refused to comment.
He said: “Pearl will be able to answer that question.”