Our Perfect Wedding host and actress Thembisa Mdoda, who had a nasty break up with ex husband actor Atandwa Kani late last year, has moved on.

Thembisa says her new man makes her happy. “It’s a genuinely happy relationship because it’s a love I don’t have to question,” Thembisa explains.

Thembisa says that after her previous relationship which was in the public, she prefers to keep her new bae’s name private.

And as to her and Atandwa’s break up, Thembisa says she chooses to not speak about it. “People expect me to speak about my ex but there’s nothing to say. You pick up the pieces and carry on. I am at peace”.

Read more about Thembisa’s new love, her relationship with her sister Anele and her mom’s passing in DRUM issue 7 July 2016 on shelves now!

By Mabale Moloi