OPW brought us back to Kwa-Zulu Natal to witness the marriage of 29-year-old Siya and his 27-year old bride Phindile Zubane.
Although everything ended well with their wedding, everything else started off on a very rocky and wet note. 

The Sidekick

When we were introduced to the couple we were surprised at how open they were about their relationship, especially when they spoke about Siya’s cheating ways. Phindile told the whole of Mzansi how Siya cheated on her with a side-chick that could dance.
Siya was so mesmerised by the side-chick that he even began to neglect his own child. Imagine!
Thankfully, he came back to his senses hence the couples feature on OPW.
And of course, Twitterville had to make light of the side-chick drama. We sincerely hope this isn’t really the side-chick though, that would be rather awkward.
A wet and rocky wedding
Before we go further, we hope this wedding was a lesson to all couples to consider investing in a wedding planner. The disaster that ensued at the Zubane’s wedding should never be repeated.
Siya and Phindile had this grand idea of getting married at the beach, cute, considering that it’s been done before. However, everything stopped being cute when we came to the realisation that the couple wanted to literally get married on the shore. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans.
The beach wedding was met with strong tidal waves and windy conditions, what also made things worst was that they were getting married on a shore filled with rocks.
After Thembisa enquired how the bride would get to the altar because of the rocks, Siya simply explained that his bride would have to hope her way there. Yes, hop.
How ironic, your man cheats on you and to show his appreciation towards you he asks you to hop on rocks in order for you to become his wife?
Poor Phindile had to do the unimaginable with that gorgeous gown of hers at least Siya came to his senses and carried her to the altar
What we also didn’t understand is why they thought placing chairs in the water for their guests to sit on was a great idea. No one attends a wedding dressed to the nines just to get soaked in water and sand.
The beach wedding proved to be a serious hassle when Phindile couldn't get her dream boat ride into the sea due to the heavy tidal waves.
Although the boat did arrive, Phindile yet again had to do the unimaginable with that gorgeous wedding gown. The way she climbed that boat was such a cringe-worthy moment no wonder these comparisons came out of the woodworks on Twitter.