Ntsiki Mazwai is at it again, this time putting Khanyi Mbau on blast.
On Monday, the poet took to Twitter to air her grievances against the ruling party, somewhat a usual occurrence. This time her gripe with the ANC involved the ‘queen of bling’, Khanyi Mbau.
In a fundraising dinner held in East London on the 16th of July, Khanyi was billed to speak under the theme, ‘Shaping Our Economy’, something that did not sit well with Mazwai.
In her rent, Ntsiki asked why ANC should be taken seriously when they mix politics with pop culture.
For this, Mazwai believes that the EFF will takeover because in has ‘real women thinkers’ while the ANC has Mbau. ‘Using her for an intellectual discussion is an insult to intellectuals,’ the poet said.

Ntsiki made further comments related to the new radio show, Whose Show Is It Anyway, that Khanyi Mbau co-presents with Somizi and Ntombee Nqcobo on Metro FM.
‘Being a social butterfly does not translate into being good on radio,’ Ntsiki tweeted.
Khanyi Mbau seems to be too busy to be bothered.
Do you think the ANC should’ve considered Ntsiki over Khanyi?