Lady who sought anonymity seeks advice on how she can get her boyfriend back after she was dumped for repeatedly cheating on him with older men in exchange for money. The lady claims that her boyfriend is still in love with her and that he doesn't love the new chick he's dating.

Read what she said below;

I started dating this guy Jan 2015, its been one break up or the other, lots of arguments, tears and all but we love each other. To a large extent I'd say I've been the cause of almost all the problems we've been having.
I used to be a very loose girl until I changed, I know there were countless times he caught me cheating on him with my sponsors (I needed money and I felt everyone was doing it and going Scot free some are eve getting married after it all so why not.)
My boyfriend would cry and after so much pleading he accepts me back but before I know I'm back at having sex with rich old men again.
The last cheating episode was just too much for him but after too much pleading he decided to let the relationship go on but at a cost. He said he can't keep counting on me because he's not sure I won't break his heart anymore.
To be on the safer side he found another girl, this girl is his tribe and we both on same level of almost everything, in fact she intimidates me a times. The problem here now is that how do I get my bf to know that I'm deeply sorry for all I did in the past I was naive and my friends were not helping at all as they encouraged me to continue these bad things at a point I felt they even loved me more than my boyfriend did, I can swear that he loves me more than the other girl but I don't want to take chances, I want my man back.
He is not a saint but he's a very good man one out of a few in this our generation. Another I have an issue of being too wide down there and that's also affecting us. He said he has forgiven me but Id like to know if there are other ways to have him back completely again. I'd appreciate the criticisms as well as ur advice as I really wish to get married to this man as soon as I get all these settled.