HE worked as the doctor’s personal assistant for 10 years and trusted him enough to disclose his HIV status.
But now it appears his trust was seriously misplaced, as the doctor disclosed the man’s status to his own family!
The doctor, who admitted to this illegal conduct, claims he did it to protect his niece.
Sifiso Madonsela (35), from Kriel near Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, told Daily Sun Dr Grey Kgatle also fired him because he was in a relationship with the doctor’s niece. The doctor didn’t deny the claims.
He told Daily Sun he felt it was his duty to protect his niece from Sifiso. He said ever since he’d known Sifiso he’d been living the life of a Casanova, going after older women with money and cars.
But Sifiso claims he has written to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, asking them to investigate the doctor for medical aid fraud.
“My girlfriend did not have a problem with my status, but my boss went on to tell her family. I feel I have no choice but to hurt him as much as he hurt me.”
Dr Kgatle agreed the matter was a case of unfair dismissal. He said he nursed Sifiso back to health when he put him on ARV treatment.
“Then he began living like a Casanova. I know of four women he has been with, all of them divorcees. Does he tell these women his status?
“Does he even use a condom with them?”
Dr Kgatle said Sifiso should provide proof of the medical aid fraud claims.
Fezile Sifunda, a communication assistant at the Health Professions Council of South Africa, said: “The matter will be investigated.
“As part of the investigation, the council will obtain information from all parties, and that includes the medical aid schemes named by the complainant.”

Source: dailysun