In a candid interview with Gareth Cliff, SABC sports anchor Mpho Mabo opens up about the difficulties of dating a footballer.
Known for her tongue-in-cheek attitude and carefree persona, Mpho Maboi, next to Carol Tshabalala, is undoubtedly one of the most successful female sports anchors in our country. Her passion for sports can be seen by the way her eyes light up every time the topic of sports is at hand.
But what also brightens up her eyes is when she’s asked about her boyfriend, former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Reneilwe Letsholonyane.
In the first half of the interview, Gareth mentioned that it is probably difficult for Mpho to date a footballer, which is a statement Mpho agreed with.
“Tell me about it…it’s like dating a DJ! It’s not easy, honestly, it’s not. But I don’t care much for what he does, as long as I’m happy,” said the sports anchor.
However, Mpho added that working in the same industry has helped their relationship a lot.
“I’ve always said that it helps to work in the same industry, especially the entertainment industry. It just makes life a little easier. When he is gone for like a week, you’re not automatically thinking he’s off with girls. I know exactly where he’s going, his coach knows me although I try and separate the two. His work is his work, my work is my work.”
Gareth praised Mpho for being one of those ladies who completely understands her boyfriend’s line of work, unlike most football wives.
Mpho’s response to that was classic!
“I know…they don’t even know anything about it ‘cause sometimes when you watch Diski Divas.
"…and you like ‘but you guys hardly ever go to the stadium. Do you even know what is happening, are you just content that he just gets to buy you a bag?"
Source: zalebs