The story of Ardi Rizal, known as the 'baby smoker' Indonesian, went viral globally in 2010, when pictures emerged of two year old smoking and making smoke rings while riding a tricycle.
His parents said they consumed more than 40 cigarettes a day. Today, Ardi, 8-year-old has overcome his addiction to snuff and live a normal life according to recent reports, reports Inquisitr portal.
International outrage and media attention forced the government of Indonesia to take action: Rizal underwent a special detoxification treatment to overcome nicotine addiction.However, in this process the child change his bad habit of smoking by another: addiction to junk food. Due to the large weight gain that suffered, therapists were forced to start another treatment.
Diane Rizal, his mother, said the child had wild tantrums if anyone tried to stop him in his attempt to gorging on food, exactly the same reaction I had in the past when I wanted more cigarettes. "It was butting up against the wall if he could not get what he wanted. So he gave cigarettes at first, because of his temperament and his tears, "he said.