Despite there being an extensive amount of ‘evidence’ painting a different picture‚ Liesl insists that ProVerb is just a friend.

The former Miss South Africa recently took the hot seat on Jason Goliath’s talk show‚ Larger Than Life where she was asked the ‘awkward question’ of the night.
Jason and his panel of co-hosts made up of Glen Biderman-Pam and Nicholas Goliath asked Liesl if the rumours surrounding her and ProVerb were true.
Or if Pro was actually in the friend zone?
Much to everyone’s surprise Liesl ‘friend zoned’ the Idols SA host on national television.
“I have friend zoned Proverb‚” she said.
Liesl went on to explain that she is a young woman who is focused on making her dreams a reality.
This comes hot on the heels of reports that Liesl and ProVerb were spotted holding hands in a shopping mall.
We also spotted them getting cosy at the recent J Cole concert.
Maybe she just needs more time? Sorry Pro.
Source sundayworld