Actress, entertainer and television personality Khanyi Mbau has done and been through a whole lot of things in her life, and most of these happened publicly. And with some of the things not having been the greatest, one would wonder if Khanyi would want to erase all that stuff from her history if she had the chance? She says not at all.

Speaking to Zaziwa host Pearl Modiade, Khanyi says she doesn’t regret anything in her life. “I would go back to everything that I have done in my life. I would say, somethings should come later or earlier, but I would still do things the way they have because they have horned me to who I have become so I am happy,” she explained.

Khanyi is currently working as a presenter on SABC 3 show Weekend Express with Phat Joe and is also an actress.

Source: Zaziwa