A few weeks ago we broke a story that Anita Nderu was pregnant, of course we had all the proof but unfortunately we hit the wall after learning that the Capital FM presenter was not actually carrying a soul inside her.  

Anita Nderu, through a blog post, revealed the real reason why people always seem to think she's pregnant every month.

"How do you manage to be pregnant this week then next week your body has bounced back to its size 6 or 8 size without any #Getmybodyback, #Postbabygoals or #Mumsthatworkout posts seeing as you post just about everything we do not want to know about you online?" - The online fraternity had stormed the sexy presenter with such questions concerning her belly.

According to Anita Nderu, she is sexually irresponsible and does not like using condoms or any other family planning methods. "My level of sexual irresponsibility or lack thereof of adhering to family planning methods has led to me being pregnant several times in a span of two years, so often in fact that I feel I am somewhat of a scientific wonder. I figure I might as well share my secret so I can educate all those curious of my gaining a belly every other month wonder."

Anita Nderu is a sexual animal who likes it rough, hates contraceptives and is as fertile as those potatoes in the movie about Mars. She however disclosed that while she is on her period she tends to eat a lot and unlike most people, the size of her belly bulges and looks like she's pregnant. [See photo of growing belly below]

Check out what she said;

Anyway by the end of the month come the 1st or 2nd as I vividly remember the pain becomes unbearable and I just let it be, you see I don’t want to be those mums who did not want to suffer for their child! I want to be able to throw in the labor and pregnancy pain line into every lecture and beating this child I am expecting will get.

So look cute? for who? there is already a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me so figure on fleek in a little black dress is no longer a priority, I’ll work on that after the pregnancy. For now I tuck out my tummy rub it occasionally to soothe the pain, massage it, lie on my back on a cold floor, wear outfits that do not hinder the endless bloating and give my growing belly all the space it needs to expand.

Bikinis? am I crazy! What if the belly grows extra that day and flicks open my belly ring flinging it dangerously in the direction of a lady whose mouth is wide open to gather air after all the whistle blowing she has been doing and chokes her? Child please! One piece costumes all the way to delivery.

Ages later I have become accustomed to the now familiar pain and weight gain in certain areas I am oblivious to everyone’s reaction.

I must admit I wonder from time to time how so well timed and rarely my pregnancy photos are captured. Considering I am pregnant almost every month sometimes smaller bumps than the last.

I never get mad either when y’all point out my pregnancies with such zeal and lack of validity because I know for sure it would never occur to any of you that a 55kg young East African girl who just turned 26, has her ducks in a row and has such a bright future ahead of her could possibly be an unhealthy eater or worse and never in a million years is she on her period and just eating a lot.

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Now you know why we claimed that Anita Nderu was pregnant, right? I hope she forgives us for claiming that she lied about the foetus she was carrying in her belly lool.

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