Firstly, we’d like to commend all those contestants who delivered great performances during their auditions, your delivery was very much appreciated.

We’d also like to add that 2016’s Wooden Mic champion could potentially come from Pretoria. The number of terrible singers that came from the city was shocking yet entertaining at the same time.

Amos and his struggle
It was obvious that things were about to go on a downward spiral when 30-year-old Amos stepped onto that Idols sign.
It was not his nerves that stopped Amos from delivering a great performance but it was also the mere fact that the man cannot sing, period.
And when you cannot sing yet have the courage to go and audition on Idols, the likes of Somizi are bound to make a spectacle out of you.
Ayanda and the Nae-Nae
He's no stranger to the Idols comedy circuit. Ayanda leaped into our lives last year with his version of Dr Maling's dance moves, the first time he appeared on television, we'll admit it was hilarious but his second appearance this year just didn't cut it. Last time we checked, this was a singing competition and not a dancing one. Hopefully, we won't see Ayanda next year unless he's aim is to really make it to theatre week which we all know will never happen in his lifetime.
The Fororo song

Although his lyrics were riddled with curse words for some reason, this guys Fororo song was the viewers favorite. We didn't understand a word he was saying, but just like Desiigner's Panda, our lack of understanding the guys lyrics is the same reason why some viewers loved his audition.

Hopefully, this will be the last time we see anymore wooden mic singers. Viewers of the show love to laugh here and there but it seems like some of the viewers aren't into the comedy anymore and we partially agree, a considerable amount of comedy is needed on the show but not all the time.

Knowing how South African's roll the Fororo song could potential be turned into a hit single, minus the cursing.
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