Mother-of-two, Sarah Louise Bryan became famous around the world after designing a dress made from 3,000 Skittles. She has now resurfaced with a more disgusting and bizarre bra/skirt mainly made-out of other people's public hair that were donated to her over the course of six months.

According to her, She appealed on social media for people to donate their pubic hair, and other bodily hair if they so wished and received thousands of responses, with people wishing her luck in her new project. She spent the last six months working on the dress which was stored in her son's bedroom and had to wear gloves for protection, along with a face and eye mask after she started gagging while working on the dress.

"I love creating wearable art from things no-one else would think of. I pride myself in being the first in the world to create something so unique. I got a lot of abuse on Twitter following this project, but that just drives me so much more.

"I wanted to beat her at the title of most disgusting dress so with the help of asking for pubic hair on Twitter."