South African actress, Dineo Moeketsi says she has had enough of ‘fans’ body shaming her.
Dineo shared a photo to Instagram of herself and her man, Solo, at the YOU Spectacular awards which took place this past weekend.
Dineo’s dress, which had a plunging neckline, sent fans into frenzy on social media. Fans took to Instagram, complimenting Dineo on her outfit- but also had some words to share concerning her alleged ‘boob job’.
One fan commented: “Can see the scars… beautiful though”.
The SA actress wasted no time in clapping back saying, “I see you’re running with your assumptions. Tape does wonders. What you perceive as scars has been there since puberty. Sorry to disappoint your imagination, no work done”.
But it didn’t stop there.
Another fan said: “She should have covered the breast scar with a bit of make-up to tone the scar a little. You look amazing”.
A fed up Dineo responded to the fan saying, “For the last f*cking time it’s not a scar! I don’t have implants nor have I had them lifted. If you don’t like the way my breasts look, shut up or unfollow. I’m sick of you people and bullshit lies. I owe you nothing, now I must prove that I have real breasts?! No!”