“You wanted me to be the best version of myself‚” Gugu Zulu’s wife Letshego said of her husband at a memorial service for the racing driver who died last week while attempting to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In her tribute which was read‚ Letshego said Zulu was her best friend.
“You had so many dreams for me. My boyfriend‚ best friend‚ husband.
“We wanted to show people that there’s so much fun and adventure in our country.
“You had so many dreams for Lelethu (the couple’s daughter). I promise to keep exposing her on our adventurous life.
 “You valued your family in a big way. You looked up to your dad. He was your hero. You wanted to be like him‚ little did you know you were just like him.
“You spoke fondly of people you met.Your persistence life is commendable‚” she said.
Letshego said she was wearing blue because it was Zulu’s favourite colour.