It is alleged that a teenage girl from the Eastern Cape committed suicide last week Friday after watching the season finale episode of popular SABC 1 drama series Skeem Saam.

Oros Mampofu who plays Jama's character on the soapie posted a notice on his Facebook page saying he wasn't sure if it's true or not but he sends his condolences to the family. In his post, he mentions that the girl's mum found her lying on her bed motionless when she came back from work with a suicide note next to her.

The girl committed suicide because her crush and favourite actor Jama, died in the soapie.
In her suicide letter, the young girl wrote how her life would be incomplete without seeing her favourite actor on TV.
After finding out about this tragedy, Oros took to social media to send his condolences to the girl's family.
This is what he posted:

I can't be certain about the news of the passing of a young lady in the Eastern Cape... If this is true I send my heart felt condolences to the family and friends effected by this tragedy.
It's is important to realise that we are actors, story tellers and our objective as artists is to envoke dialogue & tackle social issues. I am moved by the endless well of love I have recieved, and I can't express the level of gratitude I feel for all the love. Keep loving us but on the same note, please grow with us. Evolve with us and express your concerns & issues responsibly so we grow together as I continue on my Acting journey.
Keep running with Me... 😔🙏🏾