Judge Mweli tries to put a lid on his scandalous affair coming out but Vuyo has other plans.  Lindiwe follows her uncles evidence trail and it leads her to the Anzani’s killer. 

The enemy has always been closer than we thought. Sinister and lurking around the corner. Waiting. Pulling every step forward back by another three. Framing his best friend for a murder he committed all because of a morbid obsession with his so-called best friend’s wife. That enemy goes by the name of Vuyo.
Shall we put you in the picture then? After weeks of searching, Lindiwe found herself bang in the middle of the answer. Everyone from Mlungisi, to the Judge, and even her own mother and uncle had become suspects. In the end, however, Malume appeared to be onto something before being mowed down in a parking lot.
Shortly ahead of that, sifting through the texts found on Anzani’s phone, Malume noted something that simply wasn’t adding up. A series of chats between Anzani and Sanele point to a pattern of missing information. Details clearly cut out to obscure the dialogue and incriminate Sanele.
Just like how the recording of Sanele’s confession was really doctored to make him look guilty.
But that wasn’t all. When Vuyo learned of the Judge’s secret blunder with Mlungisi he decided to use it to his lawless advantage.

The dirty cat is out of the bag now. But with Lindiwe at the centre of his delusion, what now!