It has been 5 years since a Tornado hit the city of Johannesburg. One tornado hit Duduza township in the East Rand and another in Focksburg in the Free State on October 2011.
On Monday 25 July 2016, a tornado struck the township of Tembisa, in the East of Johannesburg and gust through Ekurhuleni causing damage to Phumulani mall in Tembisa, hospital and leaving over 20 people injured and 400 people displaced .
Ashley ‘Dj Shimza’ Raphala from Tembisa used his celebrity title and put a post on his social media urging all to help those who have been affected by the vicious tornado.
“Those of you who are available tomorrow please can we meet at Boisantha tomorrow at 9am to go and help those who were affected yesterday, just helping them rebuild their shacks. If you not available you can also help by just sharing this message and hopefully more people will join us,” he said.
People came in numbers to assist in rebuilding the homes.
A few of Dj Shimza’s celebrity friends as well as fans showed up to assist with building material and a helping hand.
“This is my community, theses are the people who buy tickets to our shows and its only fitting to support them, the same way they support us.” Said Dj Shimza
“People were reluctant to receive help, because they thought we were coming to take pictures for our social media and not help, but when they saw that we were serious and we got down and dirty they really appreciated it,” added Dj Shimza.
Shimza says he did not spend much, but the fact that he they were there to help was appreciated.