Well, this is rather awkward, Dineo Ranaka’s P.R team have released a statement stating that they’re retracting themselves from being their Dineo’s representative.
On Friday, Dineo found herself in a barrage of insults after she publicly declined to donate a matric dance to a young lady by the name of Dimpho Mnisi on Twitter.
Dineo was reprimanded by many people on social media including her P.R representatives – Ndabezinhle PR & communications.
The businesswoman and reality star insisted that she would not be apologizing to anyone and believes her reasoning behind her declining the request was valid. The P.R company initially supported their client's reasoning.
The company’s MD Gugulam’ Ndabezitha even travelled with Dineo to Mpumalanga in their hopes to help the Mnisi Family to secure Dimpho and her friend’s education as the young ladies had mentioned that they could no longer further their education.
However, the trip to Mpumalanga backfired on Dineo and the company. The visit was viewed by the public as a P.R stunt which left many people unimpressed.

Since the public outrage, Ndabezinhle PR & Communications have released a statement confirming that they will no longer represent Dineo.
Parts of the statement read:
As a PR company, it is our job to protect and create a good image for our clients, however, with this particular situation, there was no crisis management plan in place as the client did not want to apologise. Miss Ranaka has now officially apologised to the Mnisi family. Her intentions were never to harm or make a mockery of the family as she has dreams of teaching the nation and will continue to do so. She has however declined the option of issuing a public apology.
We have therefore decided to retract ourselves as Miss Dineo Ranaka’s representatives and we wish her all the best.
As Ndabezinhle PR & Communications we would like to humble ourselves and extend profuse apologies to the public as well as the Mnisi family. Our reason for visiting their home was never PR. It was to further our dream in adopting young, passionate girls and to be a branch of assistance in furthering their studies and changing lives, as that is one of our visions.”  Read the statement.
Image Credit: Instagram
Source: zalebs