However, her remark has not settled well with some poeple on social media.
Whilst some of us are either getting to the office or just waking up, Dineo Ranaka in the early hours of the morning was awake dealing with Twitterville over a response she made towards a follower who had reached out for her help.

A young lady who goes by the alias @Miss_Mnisi on Twitter asked Dineo if she could donate a matric dress to her as she was in desperate need of one.
Dineo’s response to the request was rather unexpected:
Her response clearly did not sit well with some of her followers but Dineo was adamant about the importance of passing matric.
Whilst Dineo received an onslaught of unflattering remarks in her mentions which included people attacking her for moving back to her mother's house and comments about her looks, Dineo continued to defend her initial statement.
The reality star even explained that she viewed a matric dance to be an uncertain victory and that she would never encourage her children to celebrate such.
In true Dineo Ranaka style, the reality star ended off her argument with the hashtag #passmatricmissmnisi which has been trending this morning.
What are your thoughts about Dineo's matric dance comment?
Image Credit: Instagram/DineoRanaka