TV personality and motivational speaker Dineo Ranaka made a spectacular return to the world of Twitter wars on Thursday night when she was taken to task for her response to one fan’s plea for a matric farewell dress.

Everyone may blame Dineo Ranaka but she is 100% correct, we have witness so many kids acting rich on their matric and fail the important thing which to pass the matric at the and of the year.  

If it was university degree dress was much better,  I passed my matric without matric farewell and I graduated, have job.  Our kids are now days are dating blessers because they want to look like they have even if they don't have. Better work hard to get you matric than look good on matric farewell then is the end of your career.

— Trailer Swift (@raitlhwane) July 21, 2016
Many fans saw Dineo’s comment as unnecessary and lambasted her for the way she dealt with the enquiry.
What Dineo said was unwarranted,she could have ignored the tweet or said she couldn't help,that's all
— Lehakwe la hao (@soniamotaung) July 21, 2016
Despite saying that she was no longer interested in engaging in public feuds on social media‚ Dineo chose to strongly defend her stance in the midst of the backlash.
HAS SHE PASSED HER MATRIC? So look rich & celebrate for what for who?
— Dineo Ranaka (@DineoRanaka) July 21, 2016
I don't ever support matric dances. I will NEVER compromise. What matric have they passed to dress up and celebrate?
— Dineo Ranaka (@DineoRanaka) July 21, 2016
Soon she found herself trending as the most talked about topic on the social media platform.
And even though Dineo refused to help the girl‚ a number of generous Twitter users offered to help make her matric dance night a success- from organising a dress‚ make up and hair to offering her a ride to the venue.

Celebs including Lexi (of Mandla and Lexi fame)‚ Sizwe Dhlomo and Lerato Kganyago offered to help.

But Twitter was not so kind to Dineo‚ mocking her in tweets that included the hashtag #TweetLikeDineo and reposting a tweet she had posted several years ago encouraging girls to buy their matric farewell dresses from her clothing line.