When Cici stepped into the scene last year, scooping awards and receiving gigs left right and centre. Many people were surprised at how well the new-comer was succeeding in the music industry. 

Unfortunately, her success was met with a lot of hostility from those who were not too fond of the artist. In an interview on Metro FM's The Great Escape, the singer spoke about how people used to call her B**** and a H*** via her direct messages on Twitter for no apparent reason.
“A lot of people when I broke into the industry said that I was trying to be American and people used to call me names on my D.M, they used to call me a b*** and a ho*** and then after my success they would turn around and say
‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry I think you’re totally amazing.’
 Cici mentioned that it’s been difficult but she has realised that she is running her own race and no one else’s.
“The reason why I feel like I can take it is because I’m the kind of person that tells themselves that I’m running my own race and no one else’s. The moment you begin to compete with other people or compare yourself to what people say you are, then you’re running their race. 
People will always talk, you can be great but people will have that negative thing to say about you. 
People will always project feelings of where they are onto someone else. What’s also helping me is my family, they keep me grounded because it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype in the music industry.”
Gosh, why are people calling other children out their name? 
The hateration is real in celebville.
Source: zalebs
Image Credit: Instagram